anla courtis / uton

There was much embarrassment and that feeling of being mortified when we last happened across something featuring the hand craft of Argentina’s Anla Courtis – I‘m suspecting by way of either Beta Lactam Ring (who‘ve gone strangely quiet on us of late) or FdM (where are those November release promos?), whose name when under the predictive spell check scrutiny of our computer was haplessly changed to Anal, so for those who occasionally whine on about grammatical glitches we say blame fkucing technology. Anyhow the point of this is that Anla has a new collaborative release with Finnish drone dude Uton out about now – in fact just checked its been out since early this year – entitled ‘flokka kur’ via Japanese imprint Musik Atlach which while we go in search of full promo copies we’ll just give the once over on a brace of cuts from the set entitled ‘tupastiarella mirto‘ and ‘pensamiento keilo’. described in passing as (in Wire speak I’m guessing) ’shamanic music in urban context’ and ’sounds for non Euclidean geometry landscapes’ (the plot thickens). This is very heavy stuff, the second mentioned cut of which sounding not unlike a seriously medicated Gong wired up on mind trancing chill pills retooling Ariel Kalma’s ’le temps des moissons’ and carved in archaic Australasian dialects bedded upon a deeply mesmerising psychotropic tapestry that to these ears sound like the unlocking of a lost centuries old sonic tongue unearthed by way of the excavation of old prehistoric settlement sites. As to the former, a hulking monolith stilled in the spectral echo of ghostly Gregorian incantations framed in a dust dry claustrophobically hazy aridness that imagines age old Tibetan rituals all beset with a maddening sense of intense nerve chilling foreboding. Uneasy stuff.

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