Trensmat time, forthcoming on Ireland’s finest imprint is a limited vinyl outing by Stave who for the uninitiated is Chicago based sonic alchemist Jonathan Krohn who can usually be found shimmying up to fellow aural experimentalist Karl Meier as talker. Alas where so ahead of the curve on this that there’s no full on press release information on this just yet safe to say it’ll arrive on heavy duty wax replete with the usually digital codes that includes two additional suites not featured on the final wax version. ‘the trust’ EP follows hot on the heels of Stave’s recent ‘reform’ release for RSS and is comprised of seven slabs of monolithic groove whose lineage dips ever so darkly in to the brooding backwaters of Alrealon Musique’s doom dripped psyche. Not your fluffy dreamy cascades here, this is instead stark, desolate and detached, a chilling future vision of mechanised servitude and a humankind hope bleached and blistered in a gnawing futility. Best described as deep industrialised technoid drone dub, Stave ventures the fatalistic sound-scapes of label mates Astral Social Club albeit as though retooled by the bleak apocalyptic hand of Black Saturn, quality grade machine grind dimpled in hypnotic tides of Dadaist pulsars. Opening cut ‘trust’ sets the scene ominously equipped with the greeting visitation of foreboding drone fanfares before quickly descending into the depths of the aural abyss and in so doing evermore dragging the listener into nightmarish wastelands presided over by the extremities of a land locked ice cold grip. Equally foreboding and entering stage left ’Anon’ does little to lighten the grim mood, atmospherically tense and choked by a claustrophobic abandonment whose detachment and hope crushed desolation peels from the grooves like some life threatening sickness as it unrelentingly charges along tripped to a heavy industrial locomotive rhythm. Originally appearing on the aforementioned ‘reform’ set (from what I can gather) ’Tower9’ is given a makeover by Israel Vines and emerges from the process sounding not unlike something that missed the final cut on Muslm Gauze’s ‘lo-fi India Abuse’ set, fortified by a hulking artillery of speaker punching beats and serviced by a busying series of subterranic sub plots the overall effect is played out as though a sumptuously earthy and realistic rephrased 70 Gwen Party with Depth Charge tagging along on location in the deepest hinterland of some middle eastern bazaar. Up next the panoramic sounding ‘erox’ is an uber cooled shape shifting trance-a-phonic solitary star emitting melancholic distress calls into the cosmic voids, the track features again in its ‘version’ mode with its sorrowful phrasing buried deep in a playfully bug bitten psychotropic groove whilst simultaneously acquitting itself as being the most accessible cut of the set. Saving the best until second to last ‘break’ offers something of a mesmeric slice of glitch gouged deep Detroit house all built upon an incessant mind morphing clockwork rhythm, punishing, unrelenting, it flatlines across a monochromatic axis evermore shifting to some pre appointed end game point wherein it snow bursts into one brief furious eruption.

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