Now maybe its our ears that are playing tricks but we’re kinda smitten by the opening cut from Dolium’s soon to be released third full length ‘brother transistor’ via sister9 so much so that we’ve fired off begging missives in an attempt to twist the arm of their press folk into sending us a full on CD copy of the album for extended review. For now though we’ve been parking our ears alongside ’get off my machine’. as said the albums opening salvo which if I’m honest – stripping away the nagging psychosis – sounds not unlike a group of dudes who’ve unwittingly tripped across and found their way to a dirty variant of T-Rex via Sigue Sigue Sputnik. Mutant garage glam grunge to go I hear you cry. The blighter just purrs with sleaze much like Relaxed Muscle although edged, fuzzed out and glittered by a youthful Specimen / Alien Sex Fiend hybrid and preened with a sneering fuck you strut as it seers through the gears to growl and grate superbly strung to a side winding riff gnarl that sounds like its fallen off a prized Gringo / Brew platter. The bollocks in short.

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