rival consoles

So much adored here that we’ve fired off missives requesting – nay begging – full on copies of this so that it can seduce our turntable. Latest from Rival Consoles – better known as Ryan Lee West to kith n’ kin is a rather nifty 5 track 12 inch set via erased tapes. And while we were tempted to opt – for now – for the parting ‘soul’ which incidentally featuring a guest call for Peter Broderick it’s the opening title cut ‘Odyssey’ that had us all here a flutter. Takes us back to the days when our little hearts used to skip and miss a beat upon the arrival of packages from the likes of smallfish, rednetic and expanding, with its fluttering pulsar tremors and adrift in space night light moonage murmurs ‘Odyssey’ sounds to these ears like a slowed down to resting ‘I feel love’ lunar projectile relocated to some cosmic outer post and sweetly seducing some isolated star belt steered forth by a command task force made up variously of Cheju and Minotaur Shock types under the watchful earthbound guidance of Plaid. Adorable and adoring wouldn’t mind its not even the best cut here.


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