widows / the hate colony / 8 foot sativa / winter storm / tomorrow comes with wolves

We here fear we’ve been somewhat neglecting in the bringing to your attention twisted groove that’s been summarily charged, judged and damned that we felt it was high time to remedy the omission. Now hopefully in the coming days we should be able to nail full copies of these 5 darkly warring nuggets for closer inspection. Alas for now we have absolutely no information with which to impart upon you safe to say though that on initial listens Widows appear to have taken up the charge ahead of the chasing pack.. Described as ’hardcore with a Kyuss twist’, Nottingham’s Widow serve up the fierce some ‘Green Tsunami’ – a septic locked grooved beast whose intricately gouged blues tattooing is adeptly wound to a tightly coiling snake winding riff through whose apocalyptic eye a deeply funky brooding matrix unpeels that to these ears sounds not unlike a distant member of the Killing Joke family tree. Tomorrow comes the wolves step up to the plate with savaging ‘torn thin’ – angry blackened punk is how they are described by their PR people, in truth our favourite of the quintet mainly for the fact that this warning call isn’t quite your usual shock tactics caustically served up at 200mph spite and spit fair rather more its framed in a dread headed suffocating atmospheric that looms heavy with a glowering hope sapping disquiet. Equally pushing things in the affection stakes are Winter Storm – not to be confused by the German metallers of the same name, this lot number in five and hail from the west midlands brandishing under their collective arm from what we can gather a second full length titled ‘within the frozen design’ – for now though we’ve got ‘wasted feelings’ up on the inspection table and damn fine it is to, all brooding end of days symphonics veering on the side of dark wave goth and sounding not unlike we must admit like a second wave storm calling ‘turn to the sky’ era March Violets. The aptly named the hate colony are upon you and swarm disease like with their doomy sickness ‘cottonmouth’ – so bleak and bleached of any hope, this battle scarred bastard emerges from the depths of hell to strangle the light and reign down to revel in some apocalyptic vacuum – possessed of a formidable aural artillery these dark hearted doom dudes have an album just out by the name ‘dead or victorious’ which is causing fevered chatter on the thrash / doom core blog-o-sphere. Last and by no means least 8 foot sativa’s ‘as it burns’ is your ever dependable slab of old school nu metal, no stone is left unturned in 8FS’s epic crusading purge, not the for the feint of heart for the vicious skin peeling ferocity to which this exerts is simply blistering and unforgiving, an unrelenting tour de force of serrated riff artillery scalped in retribution fanfares.

Widow are here http://www.soundcloud.com/tom-brumpton-pr/widows-gree-tsunami
Tomorrow comes with Wolves – http://www.soundcloud.com/tom-brumpton-pt/tomorrow-comes-the-wolves-torn
Winter storm – http://www.soundcloud.com/tom-brumpton-pr/winter-storm-wasted-feelings
The hate colony – http://www.soundcloud.com/tom-brumpton-pr/the-hate-colony-cottonmouth-3
8 foot saliva – http://www.soundcloud.com/tom-brumpton-pr/8-foot-sativa-as-it-burns

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