the cosines

Oh yes – we are loving this. Older readers of our old time singled out missives from many years back would have to rummage hard and deep to recall the days when the happy happy birthday to me imprint figured regularly amid these musings, somewhere along the line we lost touch with head honcho Mike and with that we lost sight of the waxen groovies he was adept at releasing. Happy to say that might be at an end with us catching sight of HHBTM’s latest lovely – although that‘s not strictly true as it appears via their press arm and comes courtesy of the fika recordings imprint. A new 7 inch no less from London based beat pop combo the Cosines entitled ‘hey sailor boy’. sadly we haven’t a link for the a side however we do have one for the flip side ’the answer’ and a damn cutie it is to, bit like Stereolab’s ’french disko’ refracted through a Sarah records lens, this little honey is equipped in all manner of boy / girl harmonies shimmering shy eyed atop a strum stung fuzz kissed c-86 riffage that’s wired atop an acutely 60’s flavoured sun pop motifs all arrested by a hypnosis inducing motorik underpin. Fear not young folk missives with words a begging are being despatched as we speak in an attempt to secure copies to be heaped upon with undying affection.

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