Bugger me this is good to. The latest offering from Loom is a volcanic beast that hits the ground running shrouded in a searing sinew seizure stricken sickness, limited to just 300 copies all plastered upon 12 inches of heavy wax – a copy of which we want – and coming via the hate hate hate imprint, this ballistic bastard features four slavering strut grooved imps with the devilishly demonic ’lice’ leading out the charge from the fore. Both brutal and blistered, ‘lice’ kicks like a bad ‘un, the psychosis literally squirms off the wax to strangle the life out of you, the melodic atmospheric all darkly submerged and choked in an acute austere post punk tension which to these ears sounds as though it been ripped from a Burrough’s nightmare and primed with siren scowling riff charges and kissed at the 1.46 moment with one of the best riff phrasings we’ve heard all year wherein for one brief moment the mood lightens to the stratospheric shimmer of a chiming motif only to be extinguished in the hail of a storm erupting surge. Quite frankly shows more ambition, spirit and craft in its 2.10 duration than most bands get to achieve in a career. http://www.soundcloud.com/hate-hate-hate=records/loom-lice/s-FhtMT

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