Might down to the fact that we’re not sleeping and its exactly 4.12am in the morning, its dark outside, there’s a chill in the air and all around are safely tucked up to slumber. From out of nowhere pops up this – well strictly speaking we happened across a link – but hey lets keep with the magical mood we’re trying hard and failing miserably to create. New thing from Oscillation man Sam Healy is about to break cover via k-scope with the arrival into earth orbit of an album and this head turning slice of alluring ear candy entitled ’clay’. operating under his side project alter ego Sand, Healy has crafted in ’clay’ an amorphous dream coat that sumptuously caresses and ties together the melodic aspects drawn ostensibly from an 70’s sourced AOR landscape and weaved said sonic species into a gloriously demurring progressively psych cosmicalia which sounds as though its hitched a galactic ride on the tail smoke left from the affectionate after burn of a ’stupid dream’ era Porcupine Tree in lunar docking with Mikrokosmos, utterly perfect – we will do our damnedest to nail full copies for further mention.

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