carl kruger

Again appearing as part of the aforementioned 5 in 5 series – this being the 24th instalment in case your counting, Carl Kruger steps up to the plate with ’Sexist Tranny’ described in passing as ripe for admirers of John Weise and Daniel Menche all of which is fine by us and created by way of the looping of manipulated field recordings that by our ears collectively gather a strangely trippy aural voyage with opener ’death biz novelle’ appearing to peep sleepy eyed from some strangely cavernous exotic neverland like lair and something which descends evermore into stranger and weirder landscapes the further you go with ‘bead hell oven zit’ sounding not unlike the breeding hatch of some super A.I. hive collective. Somewhere else ‘ball zoned thieve’ serves up the kind of deconstructed glitch funk more commonly found at one time or another on the tigerbeat6 imprint while ‘able dozenth evil’ with its disturbing insectoid clicks, skree scowls and strangled white noise communications is reason enough to seek the assistance of a passing sofa to hide behind leaving ’venalize the bold’ to merrily send you off into dark wondering to yourself what the buggering hell was that – file under deranged bad trip.

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