Two new releases via the much loved silber imprint finds a welcome return to these pages of Yellow6. Released as part of the silber’s ongoing 5 songs in five minutes series and simply titled ’5’, yellow6 re-affirms his exquisite deft application for the craft of the touching, the melancholic and the atmospheric. For a musician usually free to express and fill a limitless canvas with cavernous emotional stirring epics, this restrictive time constrained five in 5 work ethic finds Mr Atwood repositioning his usual song craft process to having to hit the ground running. Applied to a sparse water coloured palette this quintet of short interludes manifest fully formed with such melancholic frailty as to leave you trembling, the ice trimmed sepia flow of ‘#1’ is a tenderly turned upon a classically tweaked looping piano motif that calls to Roger Eno in contemplative moods, the hazy side wind that greets the all too brief ’#2’ is old school Y6 of yesteryear, dry, hollowed and enigmatic portraits of dust caked vast lands scorched by blazing skies – reference wise like a compressed godspeed. Introspective poise is the order of the day for the bitter sweetly trimmed ‘#3’while ’#4’ sees him emerge from the shade animated though pensively perched in a fuzz showering stand off as though an updated Morricone spaghetti western styled dual dance leaving all to coalesce resplendently on the blister kissed finale ‘#5’ wherein for a brief moment a cavalcade of shimmer toned arpeggio haloes rupture the stilled skies and bathe the arid dead lands beneath in a deathly foreboding tension.


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