the dandelion

They’ve already wowed these pages with that awesome Telstar Sound Drone set which we’ve mentioned in passing and will root out for a fuller review shortly. Not content with that there’s a new thing by Spids Nogenhat that needs closer inspection and features members from Baby Woodrose on sabbatical which nicely leads us to Bad Afro’s latest find the Dandelion. And now they are spoiling us, due for release in January where it’ll come pressed and plastered on heavy duty slabs of wax of the 12 inch variety – the first in a series of planned 12 inch releases no less, the Dandelion is the solo project of Daniel J Poulter ex of the Dolly Rocker Movement whose wares featured in these pages at one time or another. The set features 6 tracks with all the instrumentation being handled by Poulter with ’I turned on as you turned around’ being sent out as a teaser messenger giving warning as to what to expect. In short the dogs danders, it doesn’t get any cooler than this, shade adorned lysergic lounge pop that smokes blissfully across the turntable with a drop dead swagger and strut oozed in head tripping Hammonds and bliss kissed with a slinky 60’s styled garage grooved authenticity that nods ever so subtly to the elevators, misunderstood and wimple winch.


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