dr gasp and the eeks

Only going to mention this briefly while we go in search of downloads or better still a copy of the limited 1000 only vinyl edition which apparently according to the blurb comes fashioned in a rather fetching screen printed and numbered gatefold sleeve replete with a misshapen jack-o-lantern poster. This really does deserve a full review at a (not to)later date. Perfect for your Halloween hi-jinx, ’vampire fish for 2’ is I think I’m right in saying the debut full length from Dr Gasp and the Eeks a collective of musical souls, 9 last count lead from the fore by head mischief maker Dr Gasp or Dan Blakeslee as he’s known to Bostonian friends and acquaintances. This merry bunch of Victoriana pranksters delight in cooking up a mirthfully murderous jamboree of seasick shanties, penny dreadful pretties and peek-a-boo posies in the finest tradition of music hall nay freak circus weirdness which ought to appeal first hand to admirers of the much missed Viv Stanshall. Strange tales, peculiar people and tearful treachery are the bread and butter wherewithal of the Gasp et al canon, macabre mosaics drizzled in rag time folly and murder ballad music hall melodia, from the creaking croon of ’vampire fish’ as it see saws ominously to crookedly spook like some variant of Tom Waits in a wearying preacher from the dark side get up leading from the front pied piper style a band of n’er do welling imps. Somewhere else there‘s the delightfully off kilter rag time funkiness of ‘teeth of candy corn’ to woo and amaze replete with comic cacophonic crash mid way through all blessed with a cartoonish ambition as it huffs and puffs at full tilt to a calamitous finale. http://www.doctorgasp.bandcamp.com/album/vampire-fish-for-two

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