hallucinex / sauna heat

Tripped across this whilst having a nose around band camp world. Split single featuring hallucinex on one side and sauna heat on the other, alas we have absolutely no other info with which to impart save to say we think this is heading out of Virginia on the furious hooves imprint and is the third release in their Halloween split series – sad to say I’m not sure what became of releases one and two but hey I’m sure someone out there will holler back fairly swiftly. oh yea its quite gorgeous. Hallucinex serve up ‘spooky world’ a gorgeous lazy eyed dream weaned lo-fi lovely that tingles ever so softly to an affectionate twee trimmed bubble core motif that sits shy eyed and yearning somewhere between a very youthful and playful Go Betweens and an early career Doleful Lions, certainly something for those whose record listening delights are peppered with the sounds of sarah, bus stop, matinee and happy happy birthday to me to name but a select small few. Over on the flip the strangely disconnected Sauna Heat woozily woo with ’whisper in the wind’, all dissipating motifs, dissolving mirages, out there late night torch tuneage, not quite a weird as say Gary Wilson but certainly mind fracturing in the same kind of off kilter way. http://www.furioushooves.bandcamp.com/album/ghost-vibrations

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