man eating sloth / blackrune

And there we were just mentioning the latest furious hooves release and querying about those errant releases making up their Halloween split series and along comes a super speedy response from fur hoof HQ with the necessary goodies. Those thinking more of the same, think again for number 2 in the split series is a behind the sofa quivering chiller headed up by Man Eating Sloth who better known to friends, family and the local record loving community of Virginia as Gabriel McFarland. ‘depths’ is dark, disturbing and above all demonic, as though stumbling upon some satanic order wherein beasts convene and hatch out apocalyptic nightmare scenarios, this is brutal, unloved and deeply chilling, the ambient slithers hooked together by groans, deathly shimmers and dread headed drone recitals – not for night time listening. Over on the flip loom large Blackrune with ’oracle of night’, a duo featuring the talents of PM Goerner and Andrew Snope who between them craft up a brooding ambient horror phonic feast ripe for back dropping some lost Lucio Fulci 70’s blood curdler and into the bargain sounding not unlike a rather animated Goblin full tilt.


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