my son the bum

More nuggets ripped from band camp world, not sure how reliable the info is here but I’m thinking that my bum the son are a duo hailing from long island – Michael and Brian be their names – they describe their sound as being influenced by the ramones, the misfits and the offspring. Must admit ’everyday is Halloween (in my world)’ is a bit of a grower, cut through the choking paranoia and abandonment not to mention the cold detachment and you have yourself something couched in the razor sharp dialects of a warping post punk void scalped and scalded by surges of flat lining fuzzed out riffage all gutted in subtle industrial accents and spiked by a darkly suffocating psych bite that admittedly had us recalling some hybrid DNA resulting from the fusing together of March Violets, pre house era Shamen and the Mission essences. Has to heard I’ll warrant.


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