scary cherry and the bang bangs

Utterly adored here since arriving in our mail box less than an hour ago, alas we’ll admit that the press release kind of wrote the review for us giving us scant room to manoeuvre that said there’s an album kicking around entitled ‘girl’ which we’ll busy ourselves making polite requests for. While we are doing that you lot can get your ears around the delightfully impish and a tad worrying ‘cut your head off’ from glitter punksters Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs. A freakish sepia doodled slice of old time murder mirth clipped on cutesy cute 40’s styled lollipop lilting butter wouldn’t melt kookyness which as the press release rightly notes sounds like a wired and sinister psychotic Betty Boop or an axe wielding Shirley Temple replete with screwball banjos and crooked kazoos all scratched indelibly for maximum yesteryear authenticity onto shellac. How cool is that.

update – the video goes a lot like this – many thanks to Drew for sending it over……

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