the flaming lips

There is a God after all no doubt playing synths on this the latest from Flaming Lips. Out on digital via bella union this Monday (that’ll be the 4th of November note takers) and released on limited slabs of wax in December where it’ll arrive on 12 inches of smoking vinyl all housed in ‘dazzling LIPSian’ gatefold sleeves, new Lips single ’peace sword (open your heart)’ was per the press blurb written exclusively for for Orson Scott Card’s ’enders game’ movie, so smitten by the by book from the which the film was spawned that the band went on to record five more tracks all happily housed on this 6 track EP. For now the title cut is being aired as a teaser, what can we say, general consensus on the sound cloud message board appears to be awesome and who are we to disagree. Quite something else, sounds as though its descended from above, all celestial showers prided to a symphonic mirage that’s all at once quietly euphoric, ethereal, majestic and bliss kissed whilst embellished with a demurring feel good radiance which in short translates like a trip-a-delic kaleidoscopic magic carpet ride through a landscape colourfully mushroomed in 70’s lounge pop. Exquisite in short. I want one.


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