melting ice caps

Lovely little message from David of the Melting Ice Caps – such an age since we featured these dudes – to wish us happy Halloween and tell us of the bands latest recording – which as it happens is called ‘time, please’. now I’ll be truthful here – we’ve heard this twice and on both occasions have felt the trickle of a tear tracing down our cheek, a reflective ode I guess pitting the protagonist in the Autumn of his life looking upon an old photograph of himself as a child and wondering where the years went, I know the feeling or at least I would know the feeling where it not for an over zealous parent summarily burning all childhood photos of me in a – shall we say – abrupt moment – mind you looking back I somehow suspect that this might not have been occasioned for spite but rather more as a mercy killing of sorts – there where as I recall in the suppressed regions of my memory some scary pictures – I was obviously an ugly duckling. But enough of that and back to matters in hand, ‘time, please’ sorrowfully reflective though burnished not without hope is your typically beautifully crafted song writing unto which through whose sweeping key flurries we hear elements of ben folds 5 and Bacharach and David being gathered together and rephrased by the trusted hand of the divine comedy.

Video goes like this…..

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