yeah saint paul

This ‘un was mailed to us with the promise that it sounded like Julian Cope, Velvets, Mercury Rev and Shuggie Otis. I’ll admit it was straight to the player based on that. Sometimes you know – its best to be careful what you wish for, for it transpired over the next near four minutes that there’d be – shall we say – a little hoodwinking on the part of the PR for as we listened, as hard as we did – twice in fact – could we detect even a remote whiff of Cope, Velvets, Mercury or Shuggie drifting happily by to decorate our listening space. Alas dear hearts. No. not a jot, no even a mere courtesy inflection. Where we saddened, perish the thought for what wafted out was a most deceptively dizzy darling which for reasons still unknown had us much recalling Donovan, albeit that’ll be Donovan stoned and out of it strumming along happily in the privacy of his little space. Pray tell us – I hear you enquire – the name of the record that has caused such an affectionate rush – why it be ‘rendezvous’ from yeah saint paul taken from a forthcoming full length set entitled ‘women are stoned’ and due out very shortly via loyal artistes recording co. gorgeously threadbare and deliberately understated this mountain folk blues shuffles and stumbles teetering and mooching awkwardly not to mention blurry eyed in a most casually arrested and lolloping way that you get dizzy just listening to it, features whistle along toots, harmonicas and the most off road beaten around the edges melodic coda that you’ll fear to hear for the simple fact once in your head it’ll party on through the waking hours getting high on moonshine.

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