atom eye

This is immense, best viewed through head phones with the volume at full tilt that way you get to experience the full impact of ceremonial dance at play within. Prized from the forthcoming set ‘the otolith sessions’ via forwind where it’ll arrive replete with a luxurious 50 page book featuring photographs, detailed liner notes on the albums creative process as well as what’s described as an audio cookbook wherein it provides recipes for constructing your own sound loops, this is the second album courtesy of Elsie Martin’s Atom Eye. ‘3 ¾’ comes prized from that formidable set, a sub 8 minute atmospheric epic whose reference markers stir between the slow burn cinematic glories of Morricone, the desert scorched hymnal halos of godspeed , the tension forming raptures of Goblin’s most infamous soundtracks and the stirring melodic mistrals of John 3:16 in collusion with Rasplyn. Here the ghostly apparitions of lost civilisations echo and spirit through sun scarred wastelands, both measured and majestic, ‘3 ¾’ is presaged with a sense of doomed grandeur, amid the soft psych flurries tension mounts and foreboding reigns to coalesce into a deeply spiritual and powerfully moving arabesque snake charm. Truly a class apart.

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