ephemeral man

Okay so there we were fashioned up in a big pointy hat, wielding a crooked stick and huddled beneath the dining table now masquerading as a fall out shelter to protect us from the apocalyptic fall out we were expecting to descend at the presence of the Revenant Sea / Roadside Picnic sound clash that is ‘their words are lost in the din of jets’ which should you be so lucky has a ridiculously 25 only cassette outing via Jehu and Chinaman. Alas we aren’t and the download link we were serviced with appears – shall we say a little errant. So un-deterred by the plight befalling us and feeling a little daft hiding in our quickly assembled sound bunker expecting the end of the world we scrambled around looking for alternatives and did happen across a mirthless mix tape of mayhem and macabre put together by the ephemeral man which had we stumbled across before the festivities of all hallows eve where through we’d have included last missive out. Mind you things undead and of the unnatural are I guess for life ad not one day so hey ho here’s an hours worth of mysterious magicalia, sonic spell weaving and the occasional séance among the discovered treats some Broadcast, Damon Albarn, matt berry (who after hearing ‘gather up’ – a kind of Circulus rephrased by the Owl Service – we really must try and source his albums), folklore tapes who we mentioned briefly a few missives back, plenty of Evil Dead excerpts, a clip from Sapphire and Steel the box set of which we stumbled upon the other day and weirdly enough had primed for weird delights viewing when we had a spare moment along with the all important Vincent Price sermon from ‘thriller’. you can find all this gubbins here…….


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