marijuana deathsquads

Let me just start by saying – I hate Star Wars. Yes okay if you must, take your time picking yourself up off the floor, I realise it’s a shock to find someone admitting openly to such, you probably think its up there with owning up to killing Bambi or setting light to Bedford Falls. Especially the prequals – someone give me patience. I hate Ewoks as well, what – a Merry Men version of the furbies but with legs. Please. Now at this point between seething and gnashing teeth and trying to put together a missive of hate amidst rallying congress to fund the building of a death star, tis true I’m afraid – you might wonder uh oh where is he going with this. Well gather around and I’ll tell you. So imagine the scene. Email arrives from a trusted source. Mentioning amid its blurb hip trendy new track. Only hip trendy new track is called ‘ewok sadness’. we are struggling. And we haven’t heard the song yet. We train our eyes quickly speed reading said blurb to discover name of band. Marijuana Deathsquads. Great name we think. A momentary pause as we weigh up playing a song with Ewok in the title – fearing this may be contagious resulting in us spending the next millennium watching said naff movies – against what amounts to a band name to die for. Band name won. And so we uploaded link and prayed our judgement kudos were still in credit. Culled from a forthcoming set entitled ‘oh my sexy lord’ due out in January on Memphis industries, the mystery shrouding Marijuana Deathsquads is every bit as strange as the sounds emanating from the speakers, a kind of revolving door musical hive mind headed up by Ryan Olson and Isaac Gale and variously featuring dropping in / dropping out contributions from polica, jesus lizard, doom tree, solid gold, har mar superstar, bon iver and chavez sorts. As to the track itself – a four minute plus frenetic and fried aural paint bomb, initially woozy and slightly uneasy in a detached neighbourhood meets no ceremony way, all icy twinkles, skittering time signatures and monochromatic pulsars, a mutant futuro funk technoid hybrid that shape shifts twisted and schizoid as though a voxed out lysergic cosmic dust cloud with mind warping dials set to hysteria achieving a finale approaching critical meltdown, disturbingly gorgeous if you ask me – clearly the work of impish genius’.

Go to to download a free styling mix tape put together by these dudes.

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