octopus syng / mark mcdowell – regal crabomophone annual 2014

As is now the tradition with the festive season approaching fast, the Regal Crabomophone Annual looms patiently on the hill top, sporting wax of many colours and posters as inserts. An absolutely spiffing twin headed nugget whereupon whose grooves are mounted the supernatural sounds of FdM new cadet Mark McDowell and the woozy mind melting vibes of Octopus Syng. These gems are the ones that nearly got away, rescued from abject obscurity for your discerning listening pleasure. Mr McDowell steps up to the plate with ‘girls of Belvoir’ for a dastardly 17th C tale of death, deceit and witchcraft at Belvoir Castle. The melodies hushed in regal elegance and trimmed to a tumbling cascade of pastoral posies serenaded by flute florets and dreams of summer shone village fair follies are as seductive as they are exquisite, lazy eyed soft psych folk mosaics blissed by baroque-ian spirals threaded through kaleidoscopic lens all cut from the kind of timeless tapestry of a Tullian get together headed up by Tunng, Circulus and te Owl Service. Over on the flip Octopus Syng last appearing here courtesy of an appearance on Fdm’s legendary ‘keep off the grass’ compilation serves up what can only be described as the eclectic psych opera that is ‘listen with the moths’ and finds himself channelling the fractured dark psych of Syd Barrett. Disorientating and curiously out of focus, there’s an oddly unsettling aura that greets ‘moths’ in its early stage chrysalis, the imagery starkly sinister and woozily frayed in an abstract haze as though set upon some surreal dreamscape. It soon unshackles itself at the three minutes mark, showered in a kaleidoscopic glow it fractures, fragments and dissolves into a head buzzing cosmic-delic trip soaring skywards amid washes of freak bitten blazing vapour trails into the voids of the minds inner eye for a full white out voyage. Totally out there.

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