quiet marauder – the making of ‘MEN’

Many thanks to those chaps Quiet Marauder who kindly sent over CD promo of their forthcoming 111 track debut ‘MEN’ – yes you did read right – 111 – over 4 CD’s – in my minds eye I’m seeing a missive alone being dedicated. Those of you who were obviously asleep at the back and are now wondering who the buggering hell Quiet Marauder are – well we’ve only mentioned them a handful of times in recent weeks – so I guess I can’t blame you for not taking the hint, recent smash hit single ‘I want a moustache, Dammit’ has been wooing and wowing the Sunday Experience congregation of late – however we advise you check out this hilarious ‘making of’ mockumentary which had the BBC tagging the band for 8 months for a fly on the wall film, you suspect they were coerced and brow beaten to doing it, a kind of birth, death, resurrection or perhaps redemption might be a more appropriate description of the band in particular head marauder Simon. A tale of a band long suffering under the determined driven ego of their guru for here you’ll witness the unravelling of a creative force, the sacking – re-instatement and sacking again of the band, Simon’s lost 8 months in the wilderness – well the woods to be more precise, the magic mushroom incident, cabin fever syndrome without cabins or fever, disturbing facial hair, even more disturbing wild glaring eyes of Simon (in a Rasputin meets Marty Feldman stylee) as he descends into madness – though best moment is after sacking the band they retire to the audience only to double the crowd number in attendance.

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