Silje Leirvik

There’s something quietly disarming and deceptively stunning about ‘Silver and Gold’ by Norwegian artist Silje Leirvik as it teeters precariously on a finite axis where sits on one end psyche while t’other end progressive folk. shall we therefore settle for progressive psych folk. Pulled from a forthcoming full length entitled ‘endless serenade’ which incidentally is due for record counter action early December, this set comes produced by Rhys Marsh who incidentally pops up later, and may yet prove to be one of the surprise packages of the year from Scandinavia. Dimpled in 60’s motifs and melodically draped in a woozy ethereal aura that sounds as though its been whittled in an enchanted woodland, its alchemy is turned upon a myriad of reference markers that see it channelling elements of classically earthed early 70’s folk and moulding said sources into a magnetically off centred surge of softly arresting tempestuousness and emotional phrasing which to these ears sits somewhere between the classic sounds of Curved Air whilst simultaneously nodding to the top table of psych folk’s new breed the Wyld Olde Souls and Crystal Jacqueline.


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