beautify junkyards

Time for a little break from the fruits de mer / regal crabomophone soiree for a short spell. Like the aforementioned Beau this lot should (again allowing for the fact that the album download we have hasn’t grown legs and wandered into some hidden space on our hard drive) feature later on in this missive. To whet your appetite a specially recorded live take from the Beautify Junkyards secret bunker of a cover pulled from that self titled debut titled ‘rose hip November’. a quite sublime reworking of the Vashti Bunyan nugget ‘rose hip November’ a cut originally featuring on her immortal debut full length from ‘69. I have to say that no one sounds quite like Beautify Junkyards, the chemistry between them coalesces into something approaching the unreal and the supernatural, like a ghostly mirage or a feint love noted whisper they usher forth amid an arresting cascade that spirals and seduces to a tapestry tenderly bathed in hushed vocals and a demurring though finitely fragile melodic craftsmanship. None more so is this the case than on their rendition of ’rose hip November’ for cradled in enchantment and crushed with a becoming spectral yearning whilst dinked in a spiritual aura seasoned in an affectionate Autumnal flavouring, this ethereal beauty is teased with such fragile sensitivity that you fear it might shatter should you draw too close.


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