shrunken head music

Wouldn’t blame you for thinking you were having some kind of acid flashback when stumbling upon this. Haven’t we been here before. Of course, way back when ’head music’ dropped its grooves. Seems there where a few stragglers who submitted their entries long after the polls were closed with one so late it was literally still warm from falling off the presses to ensure its inclusion here. Four tracks, four familiar names to the FdM extended family, a twenty five minute odyssey, ’shrunken head music’ be its name, a double seven inch white vinyl classic in waiting. Again strictly limited in availability and destined to be the cause of online fist fights via auction sites very shortly its to Frobisher Neck to whom befalls the honour of opening, a cover of Brainticket’s ‘to another universe’ recorded would you believe with just the assistance of a mellotron, a seafaring lunar orb is what you get for the asking, very monastic, regal and magisterial not to mention woozy and deeply spacey and all teased in a cyclonic celestial overture stylising that might just have those Zombi dudes a little green with awed envy. One of the cornerstones in the ever expanding Tangerine Dream sound world is without doubt ‘Rubycon part 1’ here re-trimmed by Black Tempest in whose trusted hands he sets about deconstructing the original template rewiring and recalibrating it in readiness to be re-housed it in what might be best described as the core engineering unit of a super hyper galactic space cruiser. Swift return for Vespero following their earlier previously mentioned twin-set stump up the serious smoked Faust cut ’J’ai Mai aux Dents’ and perform all manner of big bearded freeform weirdness upon its hide whilst dimpling it in the kind of freakish out there and wasted groove that you’d expect tripping shit faced from the wax of an alien ballroom platter – yowzah. Rounding up the pack the terraforming trance inducing trip that is Gong’s ’the glorious om riff’ as revisited by Jay Tausig whose work rate and regularity of releases suggests he either eats more than the requisite three shredded wheat a day or else needs to find a hobby, this one man progressive psych record factory edges ever deeper into the minds eye as though riding the celestial crest aboard a cosmic dream coat being piloted by the Ozrics.

There’s just one more FdM release that we need to get our ears around and hands upon, a special members only 7” – an aural document of the labels all dayer at the Borderline last August – housed in a nifty little sleeve that pays tribute to the Who’s legendary ‘live at Leeds’ set upon whose grooves sit cuts by the luck of eden hall, jack ellister, stay and sendelica. We’ll try and nab a copy for last minute inclusion here or else for the next missive out.

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