Oh yes, just what the good psyche doctor ordered. New platter from Germany’s premier psychedelicists Vibravoid now back on the spiritual home and sporting three immense hallucinogenic sound tabs. Guaranteed to fly off the racks in double quick time, we’ll be surprised if any survive pre sales given that this lot are heavily sought after via the online auction sites. Again as with the rest of the pack its a limited 7” pressed up on coloured vinyl and sporting a Christian Koch designed gatefold sleeve. Upon the grooves a triple headed cornucopia of drop dead dandy covers that serve as a master class in modern psychedelia. Amid this platter a little known 60’s nugget from France entitled ’la poupee qui fait non’ originally a hit for Michael Polnareff and rumoured to feature a very young Jimmy Page on guitar, here refitted with a spiral-delic mysticism by the Dusseldorfian psych lords, a head tripping carnival of shimmering kaleidoscopia sweetly draped in misty Technicolor mirages softly dissolved in a purring cosmic cool – frankly just out there. Again another obscure vault find, this time originally done by human expression who disappeared after three singles though not before laying down ‘optical sound’ which, as rephrased by the ’Voids, sounds not unlike a smoked out variant of label mates Permanent Clear Light as it swoons to a decidedly lightly sprayed lazy eyed lysergic dipped woozy paisley pop motif. All said and done best of the set by several pairs of shades is their almost flawless take on Tyrnaround’s legendary ‘colour your mind’ – fuzzing riffs, farfisa freak outs, mind wiring mosaics all shoehorned into a sub six minute full on wig flipping experience replete with a surreal reverse loop fried and freaky carnival finale which by our reckoning sounds like a time tripped psych summit of chocolate watchband and traffic types headed up by a Barrett in situ Floyd. Far out.

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