magik markers

New video type thing from the Magik Markers who you might – or might not as the case may be – recall us mentioning a little while back by way of the appearance of the freakishly ape shit agit groove of ‘machines’ and the demurred ‘ice skater’ sharing platter space on a dinky limited 7 inch via drag city. Due soon their latest full length ‘surrender to the fantasy’ is ripe and read for record counter fist fight action with ‘bonfires’ finding itself sent out as an advance early warning jab in the eye. Shy of the sub three minute mark with enough tape time left to allow Nepalm Death and other such like enough in the tank to record at least an album or three, ‘bonfires’ is your skull fucking wired to the teeth primitive no wave goofball earth beat ju-ju – detuned, out of tune with no tune – we’re reading your minds markers dudes – deranged, demented and damn essential,

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