We eyed this whilst checking in on another release by the same label, a Wharves / the Rosy Crucifixion split album if you must know via the Soft Power imprint. Anyhow we’ve been somewhat smitten by a honey of a seven inch they apparently released a few weeks back by Marnie. Alas no information on this other than to say there’s been a pledge music campaign raising funds in the hope of pressing up a full album entitled ‘crystal world’. Anyway as said they sneaked out this little twin set of which the lead cut ‘the hunter’ had us much in mind of Salon Boris, a kind of dream dazed slice of purring minimalist electro disco equipped with an ice cooled Moroder styled pulsar and allured in lunar orbs sweetly sighed in forlorn fancies and sounding not unlike it has to be said an embracing St Etienne / Dubstar hybrid at play in Visage’s futuro pop playground. Are Weird records still going – must check- I only ask because the flip cut ‘the wind breezes on’ sounds ripe for admirers of the label, clipped by an analogue engineering and dinked in a becoming 80’s spectral sheen it emerges from its frost fused hideaway to unfurl, blossom and radiate with star crossed seduction.


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