tara king th.

Been a while since we featured the Moon Glyph imprint in these missives, rest assured we’ve fired of request notes to hopefully ensure we’re back on the mail listing. In the meantime two rather fine releases with which to draw your attention to.

First up Tara King th. who you weren’t previously aware – like us – hail from Paris and have just released the quite frankly must have ’Hirondelle et Beretta’ set, their second as it happens for moon glyph. Possibly or possibly not as the case may be named after John Steed’s late 60’s side kick, and yes I know its pretty un-cool and deviating from common consensus to say this, Ms King was always our favourite Avengers girl ahead of Mrs Peel this fact compensated somewhat by our belief that Ms Rigg turned up as the best Bond girl in ’on her majesty’s secret service’. anyhow enough of that and back to the sounds, okay it’d be true to say that ’L’Enquete’ occupies some demurring secret 60’s hideaway populated by members of Broadcast, Pram, L’Augmentation and Stereolab all gathered as though government agents operating under the smokescreen of being musicians but really in truth forming a collective of ultra hush hush spy chasers – features oodles upon oodles of harpsichord , think I’m going to cry with joy. Better still ’le vie continue’ sounds as though its just stepped straight out of a late 60’s TV action spy-rama show, a gorgeously crafted slice of hypnotic lounge groove of the type you’d rightly expect to trip its way out of the finders keepers / trunk imprints with this exotic fancy sounding not unlike the Winston Giles Orchestra being headed up by John Barry. Exquisite stuff.

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