the monks kitchen

I seem to recall us mentioning the Monks Kitchen ages and ages ago, can’t recall just now what the hell it was or where we got it, I assume prized from the label site, it must have been good otherwise we’d have never featured or mentioned it and any it came courtesy of the tried and tested Wonderful Sound imprint and home of course to the Superimposers. Anyway the blighters have a new album out, monks kitchen not the superimposers, that afforded a strangely comical press release were your thinking ’yeah right sure thing’ until you actually hear the album and you think – ‘yep they have a point’. so in the meantime – while we go scurrying in search of a copy I’ll waffle a little more by telling you that said album is called ’music from the monks kitchen’ of which so far one cut has taken our ear, well in fact if truth be told they all are, but you know we are all in favour here of picking out a ringleader which in this case happens to be the lolloping prairie lovely ‘I wanna go’ which as it happens manages to coalesce something of a becoming hybrid that draws together the sweetly perky jangle chime of a young Byrds with their latterly countrified persona and leaves it smoking bitter sweetly in the crackling glow of a roaring campfire.

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