six years

Oh yes we do love this, new thing by Rubicks side project Six Years offers a more darkening and primal soft psych perspective from its electro dream popping sibling. With an album in the can entitled ‘rivers’ due for unveiling via sharp attack, the shadow lined beauty that is ’imagination’ is released on temporary parole to stalk, saunter and seduce your listening space. Coded with a prowling b-52’s ‘rock lobster-esque’ riff snake wind and sounding like a dark hearted Serge and Brigitte performing a psychedelicised spell craft over Animotion’s ’obsession’ this honey just smoulders with intent. 

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2 Responses to six years

  1. Mikee says:

    Hi Mark

    Hope you are well!

    I have a new Medieval Teeth album out on cassette and would love to send you a free copy if thats ok. Get in touch!
    Link with info below.

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