the wharves / the rosy crucifixion

Just a very brief mention for this while we go on the search for full promos. From the same label that brought that damn fine Marnie single – featured here earlier on, Soft Power are to release shortly what sounds on early listens like a killer split album that pits both the Wharves and the Rosy Crucifixion on opposite sides of a limited 250 only wax platter. The Wharves do a neat line in alluring soft psych freak folk, reference wise Stealing Sheep, the Smoke Fairies and the Haight Ashbury appear to usher into their enchanted sound space. However that said we were much taken by their side parting ’deepwater horizon’ which unless ears do deceive is steeped in a long lost archaic tongue of a richly vivid English folk pageantry informed by ’wicker man-esque’ mosaics and steeled in hidden village mystic rituals and mayday follies. As to The Rosy Crucifixion its twang chords set for stun, reference wise they draw heavily from a rich bloodline whose roots originate directly back to Link Wray, from what we’ve heard so far – again its parting track time with ’night of the Wailers’ – no doubt referencing the 60’s garage beat band and Bob Marley’s side men – getting the agreeable nods around these here parts and sounding like a nifty slice of electro shocked shimmer twang or else some b-movie sci-fi set whereupon duel the mighty man or astro man against a Meek mixed Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet. An absolute must if you ask me.

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