the truth about frank

I’m sure that those chaps the Truth about Frank are well ordered decent sorts capable of polite conversation and witty repartee, what fair folk would look upon as the life and soul of the party. However put them in a studio, wire them up with electronics, noises and other outer worldly sound making gadgets and the blighters assume the shadowy and predatory menace of a stalker who watches Korean horror flicks by way of light entertainment. Absent from our sound space for some two years, 2011’s ‘cannibal work ethic’ being much marvelled here as well as I seem to recall were a stash of unreleased recordings put together across three CD’s by the duo for our listening pleasure, all of which words fondly typed about we’d love to direct you to though alas they are currently stranded on a failing hard drive since losing today saw fit to cease operations and with it our directory of 13 years worth of reviews going into some cyber black hole. Teeth gnashing aside the good news is that the Truth about Frank are back, better still they sound even more sinister now than they’ve ever sounded. ’the carrion’ EP features three horror-phonic slabs of aural architecture providing prove indeed as if any was needed or for that matter asked for that this hive mind are adept at the crafting of abstract isolationist collages, which on another day we could refer to as pop but that would be stretching the boundaries. As said three suites lurk within, the minute ‘about Frank’ opens communications, originally commissioned for the Crow versus Crow radio show, in short its akin to finding yourself stopping off one dark late night at weirdsville, heavily inscribed in dark industrial grunts and mechanics, a ghostly avatar disturbingly greets you at the entrance from therein your on your own amid a uneasy and disorientating macabre playground of sound mosaics, the themes fractured and broken appear like subliminal flashes as though some arcane experimentation in mind wiping conditioning with you the guinea pig up for processing. Disturbing doesn’t quite cut it. Those thinking ‘organism dying in transit’ is going to prove any easier in the listening experience stakes ought to think again. Put together along with ‘smoking’ to form the sound-scape for a short film showcased at the recent No Gloss Film Festival, it finds the duo voyaging ever deeper into the inner spheres of sound, subterranic minimalism, disquieting earth beat loops, pulsar murmurs spliced with the occasional albeit brief snowburst of euphoria all dampened down in an eerie disturbia. As to the parting ‘smoking’ – best described I guess some micro chipping love note, or then maybe not given the appearance of ghostly bowed shimmers and the evocation of spectral tidings from the void give this something of a dissolving effect which in truth wouldn’t go looking too much out of place on an early EAR back catalogue. Out via LYF incidentally.

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