Androgynous mind

Indeed I know its hard to believe but we’ve lost the email that accompanied this little nugget so apologies if the info is a little – shall we say – basic, anyhow no denying that this ought to be on your wants list especially if your listening delights happen to orbit to the sound of Cheval Sombre, Sonic Boom, Love, Lee Hazlewood and Syd Barrett. New thang from former Women guitarist Patrick Flegel, here operating under the guise of the Androgynous Mind, is an imminent 5 track EP by the name of ’nightstalker’ due soon on Faux Discx, and a brooding mama it is. Pitched in the kind of ghostly gravel gouged psych blues that shimmered forlornly across the withered and spectral opines of the Devastations frankly awesome ’Loene’ debut from a few years back, ’knock on my door’ is clipped in a darkly prowling 60’s classicism that howls and hollows with the kind of head bowed reverence of a young Johnny Cash albeit loosely wired upon the type of smoking slow burn sparse detailing of a quietly surrendering Cheval Sombre in cahoots with a out there and bliss kissed Dean Wareham shimmying up to John Carpenter (no not that John Carpenter but the dude who put out that spiffing ‘season‘s 7 inch for Mexican summer way back when we were so much younger). We will try and secure full copies for a full review.

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