fossil collective

Okay we appear to have struck a seam of gorgeousness here, first perth, then apricot rail and now this from the fossil collective who’ve been peppering these pages on a regular basis of late given they’ve been dropping off demurring track by track crumbs from their ’the water’ EP which incidentally in case you were wondering is now out via – I think – dirty hit. We’ll try and nab copies for full review in the coming days. For now to celebrate its release the duo are making available as a free download taster their cover of the flaming lips ’do you realize’. must admit this brought a fair old tear to the eye wafting in as it did in a sepia smoked radiance to set our witching hour sitting all aglow in a divinely demurred spiritual sigh, this just aches and trembles with such lovelorn resonance that you feel obliged to nuzzle up to it and throw a comforting arm around it. Utterly beguiled that said wait till you hear ’and if you go (I’m coming along)’ from their latest set ‘fraid its made of stuff to make grown men crumble into sobbing children.

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