Spotted this after a little nosying around on the interweb – as you do – this ‘un is out via failed recordings – I think – a limited to just 100 copies cassette by Millipede who in essence is one Joseph Davenport who with the aid of an arsenal of treated / processed guitars, wiring electronics and tape loops does a neat line in celestial riff ruptures which unless our ears are listening to something entirely different sounds like a perfect bedfellow to that recent Revenant Sea / Roadside Picnic outing and which by the sounds of ‘pale’ is stationed on the very outposts of the shoe gaze / dream pop cosmos and bearing down not unlike some un-mastered and raw heavenly epistle from my bloody valentine albeit in cahoots with flying saucer attack. Without doubt the work of a keen admirer of the late 80’s New Zealand noise scene. Incidentally ’pale’ comes prized from millipede’s second in a planned set of three albums – this one being called ’the lower world’, the other one by the name ’realms’ and the forthcoming trilogy completer as yet untitled. We will be rooting for full audio for a fuller review for now – here –

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