the tara experiment

Hailing from somewhere Stateside and again having something of the spirit of Suicide about their wares are the excellently named the tara experiment – a minimalist electronic consciousness that appears to be headed up by the Dada Man who is here aided and abetted by the mysterious Eathgirl who assists with floaty vocals. This tinselly twin set was recorded late summer just gone at the office of experimental music and film and beyond that the trail of clues goes quiet. That said we can vouch to saying that flip side ’everywhere its Christmas’ does loosely orbit the spectral shimmer of Rev / Vega’s ’dream baby dream’ emerging from the haze as a cold wave smoked out slab of sparsely wound hallucinogenic head tripping Sunray styled soft psyche. We here though are rather taken by ‘Christmas in the observatory’ where upon sat atop the purposeful meditative whirr of a mooching drum kit all manner of woozily kaleidoscopic lysergia happenings seek to colour your listening space in florescent hazes and mind warping dream drifts- I suspect this won’t be the last time that these aural apparitions befall these musings.

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