anzio green

We’ve already raided the kitchen cupboards for supplies and set up a sentry post by our letterbox in readiness for this little cuties arrival in our gaff – hopefully – in the coming days. Out early December via rednetic – whose regular dansette despatches we must admit we’ve sorely missed in recent times – is a collaborative release between Wil Bolton (Cheju) and Mark Streatfield (Cyan341 / Zainetica) here paired together under the guise of Anzio Green. The aforementioned album entitled ’a day without distance’ is the follow up to their ‘autumn honey’ debut for symbolic interaction’ which to much teeth gnashing and sighs we appear to have missed along the way. Anyhow for now ‘fall down’ prized from that forthcoming set is currently beguiling the listening space not to say bathing it in a somewhat frosted makeover given its pristinely fastened on to a softly purred snow globe all sweetly swirled and nocturnally nurtured in oceanic orbital dream drifting overtures, amid which the adoringly applied vocals of Kate Tustain ethereally coo in the milky mirage.

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