We’ve been getting curious transmissions of late from the EverythingIsChemical imprint, an online label blog who specialise in posting up at bi-monthly visitations carefully crafted and specially selected free to down load virtual 7 inch releases operating more often than not from the shadow lands of the ambient / dance / electronic sound spaces. We say bi-monthly the last we’ve had have been shuffling off the conveyor belt at a rapid bi-weekly rate not that we are complaining especially when they sound as good as this nugget. Latest outing comes from Macajey – who I believe is better known to kith n’ kin as Jeremy Macachor who – hopefully we’ve got this right – along with his sister Ashley – here applying production treatments – cooks up a seriously smoked five suite set of sumptuously sophisticated smooth groove. Employing hazy Asiatic jazz swirls (per the opening salvo ‘I’ll see you before the summer’s gone’) into what is essentially an amorphous lounge ambience adventure, an out there and tripping transcendental listening experience unfolds. Trip wired to a purring and sultry dub-tronic chassis, Macajev pairs down a positive cornucopia of slick dance motifs amid a deliciously down tempo and super chilled floor show that hints ever so subtly to a subdued and lazy eyed sounding AR Kane. From the beautified arrest of the orbiting calypso carnival of ‘tired of this rain’ to the parting ‘mushroom girl’ with its spectral chamber-tronic cosmic-delica drone swathes clearly hooked upon the minimalist mainframe of Echoboy albeit as though relocated on to the Smallfish imprint and rewired by the third eye foundation, Macajey applies a broad free flowing spectrum of sound and mood to his terra-forming palette. All said as much as we adore the spectral strobe glowed nocturnal funk of ’travelling shoes’ it’s the cool sophisticat that is the exotica dinked sepia framed head tripping psych jazz ju ju of ’night sight’ that had us ga ga sounding as it is like an ultra cooled Edwin Moses.

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