Japanese Gum

Celestial overtures, hulking trip hop beats and ethereal tranced out motifs that for all the world make your skull innards feel as though they are dissolving, what can this all mean. in short new thing from ambient psychedelicists Japanese gum – a duo hailing from Genova, Italy and featuring the collective mindset of Messrs Tortora and Cedolin who together manage to weave a seriously out there and woozy trip-a-delic tapestry that’s forged from elements of Lemon Jelly and Aloof albeit threaded through the kaleidoscopic spin dryer of a ‘danse manatee’ era Animal Collective and delivered into a star dimpled dream pop symphonia – for those intrigued enough to venture further there‘s an album due soon by the name ‘high dreams‘ from which the track below ‘homesick‘ is pulled….


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