magik markers

Haven’t we already mentioned the magik markers in this missive – yes. Are you still waiting to see a corking review of their forthcoming album out next week entitled ‘surrender to the fantasy’ via drag city ablaze across your interweb device screens – yes. ‘Fraid its not going to happen just yet young folk. Give it time though. Now we here realise there’s a somewhat deflated air about the place at such non news so to cheer you up we’ve a new video type thing that the band have happily concocted and hatched in their secret lair for one of the albums cuts ‘mirrorless’. a bit of a cutie it should be said and further testament that this lot are indeed a schizophrenic bunch of dudes who like nothing more than to have you puzzling which version of the Markers are coming out to play – will it be the no wave, no tunes feral imps or the sweetly thoughtful darlings caught in a moment types. In truth we love both of them but to save the suspense here found lazing in their latter persona all coaxed in a dreamily cosy coaxed soft psych folk shimmering that has something of the Velvets about its wares albeit as though refracted through the wonky DIY viewfinder of a young Kevin Barnes after a visit to the local outfitters to have a fuzzy felt three piece measured, cut and stitched by a ‘yerself is steam’ era Mercury Rev…..

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