62 miles from space

Stumbled over this on another little visit to band camp land wherein we turned up this little strange delight. 62 miles from space hail from Russia and beyond that the information trail runs cold. Best described loosely as a baroque radiophonic cinematic hauntologist odyssey the three track set ’in this bed’ navigates the milky cosmidelic overtures more commonly found on the Meek sonic spectrum with both ’vers le nord’ and ’dans le nord’ sharing the same svelte Pram meets Plone 60’s styled library futurism given over these days to the sounds emanating from the ghost box sound house, the latter mentioned in fact tracked to a subtle wig flipping bliss traced big bearded funky groove while the former is sumptuously cooled in a lush lounge smoking jacket. That said both pale in awe to the lead cut ‘in this bed’ – a sophiticat symphonia draped in mystery and sepia framed romance all swathed and bathed in orbital tides of dream dipped baroque harpsichord braids and sounding not unlike some lost Komeda / Vannier gathering rephrased by Broadcast. http://www.62milesfromspace.bandcamp.com/album/in-this-bed

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