velour modular

Enigmatic, sultry and amorphous, this I should say has been the cause of much swooning since arriving in our messages box yesterday. Combining the talents of singer Guilhem and producer Hektagon, Velour Modular are about to release – we assume – their debuting 4 track EP shortly entitled ‘capsule‘, it promises themes inspired by numerology and William Blake atop electronic sound collages admiring of vintage futurist sci-fi soundtracks. As a teaser / taster ’forward’ has been sent forth as though from a long since ceased observational post at the outer marker points of space emitting past tense transmissions (much like the flickering whirr of an old cine reel projector playing home movies) in the hope that one day they will be received, this bitter sweet beauty is adoringly immersed in the kind of futuro torch echoes that sound as though they’ve been traced upon purring elegance of a Musetta melodic mainframe and then rephrased in the disconnected solitary sigh of Fever Ray. We suspect we need to hear more……

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