Something for those of you fancying your tuneage curdled in a scowling mass of post everything nihilism. A trio hailing from Norway, death crush have already been the cause of the undergrounds chattering cognoscenti with the issue of their own newsletter fanzine inside of which was included a limited edition flexi disc. Alas to much teeth grinding and grimacing we appear to have missed that though happy to say we nabbed CD copies of a just released four track 12 inch EP entitled ‘skool’s in’ via Norway rat / believe distribution. The set opens to the squalling agit friction of ‘lesson #3 for Gina Kikoine / you now’ – amid a festering cyclone of fracturing riffage, post punk edginess wrapped in the kind of austere melodic ice cold coolness much recalling those imps Controller. Controller. The proto psych ’lesson #4 for Wharton Tiers / Strauss’ veers directly into the dark heart of Sonic Youth, a wiring bastard scorched in all manner of noise nik tension and squalling no wave nuances. Its left to the parting shot to provide the sets lightest moment with the appearance of the darkly seductive ’lesson #13 for Nanker Phelge / fire’ – this babe just oozes with primal sexual intensity as though Cobra Killer had been eyed swapping notes with Katastrophy Wife. The same track gets a radical workout by James Njie who rewires the Deathcrush mainframe and re-brands it as a Dadaist dance floor demon replete with schizoid monochrome motoriks that comes possessed of a deeply dirty electro clashing groove.

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