Oh so you want to be getting all cosmically funky in a woozy 70’s stylee, last time we heard from Plank! it was when those Static Caravan dudes colluded with Akoustik Anarchy (another label whose mailing list in recent years we appear to have fallen off – how sad) to put out that superb limited seven inch ‘pig sick’ which if memory serves us right had us much in mind of a bonged out goblin getting funky with amon duul II. There was an album – ‘animalism’ – which again to teeth gnashing frustration appeared to duck beneath our radar. Ah well. Blighters have a new thang out on akoustik anarkhy entitled ’aphidelity’ which finds them voyaging the electro cool regions of the cosmos and getting very Zombi along the way though that’ll be a Zombi refitted with Moroder turbo drives and tuned, tweaked and souped up by John Carpenter and then headed off to Studio 54 for some dance floor spanking, in short can do no wrong in our gaff. Expect a whole new full length early next year.

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