trips and falls

One release that we keep meaning to check out is the third full length by trips and falls, we kind of mentioned it in passing a few weeks back when we commented upon ’static is a serious issue’ and ‘destruction is always more exciting’ from the set – incidentally entitled ’the inevitable consequences of your stupid behaviour’ which as we noted in previous despatches is very much a Half Man Half Biscuit styled album title. Anyhow release via song, by toad who you might recall had us somewhat taken aback with the release of that quite dandy album by the Leg (see either this missive or the previous one – in truth I can’t keep up with these musings). By way of a gentle nudge head Song, by Toad honcho Matthew has put up one of the albums tracks as a free to download single to mark the occasion of the album being pressed up on pink splatter vinyl at the request of the band who hailing from Montreal have reported back that the folk there don’t care much for CD’s and prefer old time wax. Good on them. So sit back a spell and be prepared to be sorrowfully serenaded by the quite irresistibly bleakly beautiful ‘the rest is the same as above’ and marvel at its symmetry, its poetry and its forlorn purr, we suspect there will be a scrambling through record collections to dig out gems by the decoration, hillfields and micro disney for comparable shoulders to cry upon.

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