Always guaranteed a spin in our gaff especially when recommended by those impish souls Wet Nuns who apparently commented thus ‘like Joy Division only a 1000 times more depressing’. now we are still trying to figure out whether or not that’s a dig or a compliment, we’d like to think the latter and any aren’t we all a tad tired of Joy Division being labelled miserable, me personally I find them rather cheery especially when compared to New Order’s debuting platter ’movement’ which lets be truthful was as grim as it got in that golden year of 1981. At this point you are probably wondering, where’s he going with this – well its all down to an email we received from the press folk behind Vladimir. This lot hail from Scotland – well Dundee to be more precise – have supported the likes of the Pigeon Detectives and Twilight Sad and describe their sound as bleak. Again we must agree to differ for they’ve just released a free to download track in the guise of ‘come over’ with promises of further records next year. Now unless we’ve had a severe bang to the head and our ears are not quite pitched to normal settings then we’d comment of ’come over’ as being awash in 80’s cinematic signatures and snow bursting ice cooled rupturing riff cascades that coalesce superbly amid swathes of deeply intense stratospheric haloes which by our reckoning find themselves pissing in the same pool as the Chameleons and the Comsat Angels albeit as though both where pitted at the edge of their wits thus suggesting that immediate investigation is required. http://www.soundcloud.com/vladimiruk/vladimir-come-over

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