new sound of numbers

Just out via cloud where it comes pressed up on a limited 500 only wax run is the second album from Athens based New Sound of Numbers. Headed up by Hannah Jones they’ve been described as avant pop post punk experimentalists amid whose ranks various Pylon and Olivia Tremor Control sorts converge. As said new album just out (‘invisible magnetic’) from which we’ve managed to nab the insanely kooky and freakishly funky ’like children do’ to woo your listening space. In short a sumptuous sub three minute time travel back to the late 70’s for a day-glo-ing mix tape channelling the spirit of c-81 and wiring up upon its ferric oxide shiny side all manner of art pop funkiness that recalls the likes of the Slits, Delta 5, …the native hipsters and the tom tom club whilst throwing in some dislocated violin segues, wonky electronics, Chic-esque riff shuffles and gluing it all on to a deeply addictive toe tapping earth beat groove.

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